Some more information

Way back in 1999 when the web was new-ish I bought this web address "yulp.com". I chose the name because it was short and easy to remember, for a few years I used to blog on it, when blogging was the cool thing to do, but for the last decade or so I've done little with it and now just keep hold of it for sentimental reasons.

A few years ago, when I was a bit bored at home, I decided to put Google Analytics on the site, it's a tool that tells me how many people have come to the site, and roughly where in the world they are coming from. Here to my surprise is what I saw:

Map of the US showing California as the source of most of the
      hits on the page.

Gosh, there are lots of people, up to 50 a day, mostly from California coming to my site, why? It's just a blank page that says "yulp.com". So I decided to put a message on the site and let people send me an anonymous message, telling me why they had visited. Very quickly people told me they were looking for yelp.com, and had mis-typed, or mis-heard someone telling them about yelp, and so ended up here. Most of the messages I received were very nice, and some were funny or complementary. It's nice to know that there are real people out there, most of them looking for a decent restaurant in San Francisco!

All the best,